During the day there will be a variety of fun events to take part in, from a retro rodeo, 'sit-on-top' slalom and cardboard race for all abilities.

Retro Rodeo

It’s time to get some use out of that club kayak that’s so long the bow is constantly in a separate time-zone to the stern. Crack out your dad’s old playboating moves and let’s party like it’s 1989!

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Cardboard Race

Re-use is better than recycling; so liberate those loo rolls, pilfer some plastic bottles and build yourself a craft worthy of the seven seas (or just capable of surviving café wave).

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Sit on Top Slalom

We designed the Fusion SOT to be the ultimate crossover Sit-on-Top, so let’s really put it to the test and see how well it fares in the kayaking equivalent of pole dancing!

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Boater X

You might know the Tryweryn like the back of your hand, but you’ll have to be really skilful to beat everyone else to that perfect line and win the race. Get practicing that paddling face!

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Immersion Research Extreme Slalom

The IR Extreme slalom will test paddlers all around river sense, both on and off the river essential skills. This should even out the field between the super-fast youngsters and those of us with a few more years experience. Make sure you have all of your kit with you in the boat!

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