Sessions will run from approximately 10am – 2pm each day, unless specified, to allow you (and the coaches) to take part in the other activities over the weekend. Courses cost between £25 and £60pp and are limited to 4-6 students per session, so book early to avoid disappointment!

Please bring your usual paddling gear and kayak to courses.

Chris  Brain

Chris Brain
Chris started paddling in sunny Manchester just before leaving school, being quickly captivated with whitewater and mainly freestyle. He started coaching really early on in his paddling career and love sharing skills and techniques with everyone that he meets out on the water. Over the years Chris has also fallen in love with open canoeing and loves to get out on open water and also rivers with a single blade too. He has a real passion for safety and rescue. He's still in love with Freestyle after all these years and currently works with the GB team as one of their coaches.

Course: River Safety and Rescue (Saturday)
This course will help to give you a basic set of skills to keep you safe on the river. We will be covering safe swimming, self rescue, wading, throwlines, live bait and more. This would be a good chance to refresh your knowledge if you have been on a rescue course previously and will give you plenty of chance to brush up on any rusty skills.
Experience: Experience of paddling on grade 2 water will help you to get the most out of this course and a dry suit will certainly make it more comfortable. Rescue kit and PFDs with a chest harness will be provided if needed.
Cost: £60

Course: Downriver Freestyle (Sunday) SOLD OUT
This is a fun course aimed at helping you to get the most fun out of your time on the river. We will be learning rock splats, surfing, spinning, wave wheels and more.
Experience: There is no need to be previously experienced in freestyle, but the ability to confidently paddle grade 3 will certainly help. You can bring your usual river boat, but if you want to get more vertical or spin faster, then a crossover or freestyle boat will enable you to get the most out of the course.
Cost: £60
Bookings for this course are now full.


Dan Butler

Dan Butler
Dan Butler started paddling during his university days and quickly substituted revision for kayaking. Since then he has travelled the world completing first descents in various far flung locations all whilst honing his coaching skills and gaining a degree in Outdoor Leadership. He now works as one of the lead instructors for Paddlesport in the Military and is planning an expedition to paddle various unexplored rivers across two continents!

Course: Smooth Moves (Saturday) SOLD OUT
Have you ever battled down a rapid, struggling to get in enough strokes to keep yourself on that vital line, only to reach the eddy and see someone else gliding down the river and making the whole thing look effortless? Do you wonder how on earth that pro-paddler in the latest big paddling film can make moves in two strokes despite being on the largest volume river you’ve ever seen? This workshop aims to expand on your ability to read the water and use it to your advantage, developing your personal skills on the water to make you a smoother and more stylish paddler.
Experience: Comfortable paddling grade 2, some encounters with grade 3.
Cost: £60

Matt Cooke

Matt Cooke
Matt Cooke has been competing all over the world since 1992 through slalom, polo, freestyle and extreme racing. He has also run the Endless Summers coaching business since 2005 and for the last 4 years has been a highly active member of Team Pyranha, travelling all over the world on the Team Tour and helping to bring kayaking to the masses!

Course: Pyranha Race Training (Saturday 10am-12noon)
Here is a clinic you really don't want to miss out on! You'll be given a crash course in the dynamics and strategies for white water racing. We'll look at race fitness and techniques that will help you prepare and cope with the structure and environments during race conditions. As there are many varieties of racing, we will be mainly focusing on the races that will be running during the festival, so you're bound to have the edge over your competitors during the events later in the day!
Experience: To get the most out of the session you should be confident on class III.
Cost: £30


Chris Eastabrook

Gene 17's Coach Chris Eastabrook
Chris bloody loves kayaking and has traveled the world looking for adventures, you can find him teaching future instructors at the University of Central Lancashire and teaching white water kayaking for Gene17 Coaching.

Course: Confidence Boost (Saturday & Sunday) SOLD OUT ON SUNDAY
This half session is a chance to better understand how confidence is made, created, and kept; it's not some magical beast that is untameable. So whether you're a coach or leader looking at helping your students, a paddler that is interested in the subject or you are in need of a confidence boost, you can enjoy your paddling. We'll paddle as a group, discuss some ideas, try some ideas out completing with some feedback/action plan. Any photos and video feedback & analysis used during the session will be available afterwards so you look for that next stroke.
Experience: To get the most out of the session you should have some class III experience and within that, all welcome.
Cost: £60

Gene 17

Dave Kohn-Hollins

Dave Kohn-Hollins
Dave has lived and paddled all over the UK but now calls North Wales home. He started paddling when he was at school and began coaching whilst at University. He has worked coaching and guiding all over the UK, Europe and in Chile. Starting from his first paddling trip abroad in Spain, he developed a passion for travel and exploration. His travels have so far taken in all of the great European white water destinations as well as trips to Chile, Argentina and New Zealand and expeditions to Colombia and Tajikistan. When not working or off on expedition, Dave also coaches as a volunteer for Colwyn Bay Canoe Club and competes in white water extreme races as part of Team Pyranha.

Course: Make the Move (Saturday)
A workshop aimed at helping paddlers succeed in making a move, attaining an eddy or paddling a line on the Tryweryn that they have been struggling with or have seen someone make and aspire to make themselves.
Experience: Aimed at intermediate to advanced paddlers you should be comfortable on grade 3 at least.
Cost: £60

Course: Paddling like a Jedi (Sunday) SOLD OUT
A workshop focused on increasing paddlers confidence on the water, helping increase paddlers self belief so that they can paddle that drop that has been intimidating them, or paddle that rapid that always makes them nervous, with more confidence.
Experience: Aimed at beginner to intermediate paddlers, you should be comfortable on grade 2, nervous or inexperienced on grade 3.
Cost: £60


Tom Parker

Tom Parker
One of the UK's most talented and experienced white water kayakers and coaches, with 20 years experience on the water. Tom has kayaked in a variety of countries, including Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, Uganda, Morocco, Nepal, Tajikistan, Iceland, Norway, the European Alps and more.

Tom started the business in 2005, the aim being to offer high level technical coaching in white water kayaking, comprising of skills courses in the UK and Europe, coach and leadership education and development, along with the full range of BCU courses.

A pragmatic approach to white water (eschewing a prevailing tendency to over complicate kayaking), a firm sense of fun and a near inexhaustable supply of one-liners make a course with Tom a great learning experience.

Demystifying the Dark Art of Boofing (Sunday)
The boof - a cornerstone of modern white water kayaking that is simple to master, yet much misunderstood. Join Tom Parker, voted 'Most Debonair Coach 2013' by What Kayak Coach magazine and use his wealth of insight and understanding to sort your boof once and for all.

Whether you are taking your first steps on the road to a solid boof, or are struggling to get it mastered, this workshop will have you gaining air miles in no time.
Experience: This workshop is aimed at confident grade 2 boaters.
Cost: £60


Paul Smith

Paul Smith
Paul is a multi-disciplined outdoor professional predominantly working in Coach/Leader education in paddlesport and climbing. As a Pyranha supported coach for the last 6 years, he has travelled and coached widely around the world, kayaking in Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Europe. But still has a passion for exploring the rivers closer to home in South Wales and Dartmoor.

White Water Beginners (2 hour sessions Saturday & Sunday, 10am-12noon & 12:45pm-2.45pm)
Have you paddled a canoe or kayak on flat water and want to take the next step? A session on developing the basics of white water paddling using Pyranha’s new white water sit-on top, the Fusion SOT. We will look at how to use the river flow to your advantage, while at the same time ensuring that we keep a smile on our faces!
Experience: No experience required. Kit (Fusion SOTs, helmets, BAs, paddles and wetsuits) included.
Cost: £25



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